Aamina Sheikh chief is proficient, sensible and a lot of thus one amongst the foremost applauded thespian, model, producer furthermore as director of today’s time. Aamina Sheikh chief is taken into account one amongst the leading figures among the highest Pakistani models.  Born on twenty ninth of August in town of recent royalty, she is female offspring of Ahmad Arab chief, United Nations agency could be a health care provider by profession.Leading thespian Aamina Sheikh chief started her primary education in city and he or she additionally spent her childhood in city. presently she continued  her higher studies in noted faculty of capital of Saudi Arabia named yankee International faculty (SAIS-R). 

Aamina Sheikh chief did her O-levels and A-levels from St. Joseph’s Convent faculty followed by  her bachelor’s in film/video production. future milestone in her life was in 2005 once she got married to at least one of the great and proficient actor within the business, Mohib Mirza.Aamina Sheikh chief started her career from Manhattan-based multi-media company, named Curious footage. She worked there as associate degree assistant. once operating someday as associate degree assistant, Aamina Sheikh chief came to Pakistan West Pakistan Asian country Asian nation in 2003 and therefore the 1st channel venture was change of integrity Geo tv network and from there she commenced her career in Pakistan.

The first show Aamina Sheikh chief bagged was a youngsters chat show named “Bachey mann k sachay”. Aamina Sheikh chief created and directed this youngsters chat show. once this chat show she continued  struggle and began specializing in her goals. In 2007, Aamina Sheikh chief appeared as associate degree thespian for Pakistani tv associate degreed from this time her acceptance as an accomplished entertainer got recognized. the primary telefilm she opted for was, “Gurmuch Singh Ki Waseeyat”. Telefilm was directed and created by Sharjil Baloch and Khalid Ahmad and was shown on Geo network. The project was supported a completely unique of Saadat Hussain Manto.

Her 1st show and telefilm was significantly appreciated by all the viewers and critics everywhere Pakistan. plot of telefilm was terribly sturdy and enticing and complemented by  the beautiful acting of Aamina Sheikh chief – winning accolades from viewers and catching the eye of drama addicts. This was the primary immense accomplishment of Aamina Sheikh chief that actuated her and he or she planned to try and do a lot of.After doing a chat show and a telefilm in 2007, Aamina Sheikh chief did a sequence of telefilms in 2008 that area unit Aasmaan chu lay, Baarish main deewar and Pachees qadam alphabetic character maut. all told of those telefilms Aamina Sheikh chief was outstanding.

In telefilm “Aasmaan Chu Lay” Aamina Sheikh chief vie a awfully powerful and difficult role. She was represented as a sole jobholder of a family United Nations agency drives associate degree motor vehicle cart on the hustled streets of city town. She extremely got entrenched within the role and what followed was various appreciation leading to a lot of roles,the major one being the  serial “Wilco”.  This drama project the venture of ISPR and seventh Sky amusement. Aamina Sheikh chief vie the role of typical lady of Thar Desert.Some of the opposite telefilms she did were Waapsi, Bibi jee, Aik Jese Khawab, Yeh Bakra Nahin Chalay Ga, Mere Mian Bolay Maen and Bhag Amna Bhag among many others. all told of her comes Aamina applied her skills wholeheartedly and apparent was the excellence all told her roles.

Modeling career of Aamina Sheikh chief started in 2008 and he or she created her 1st modeling debut by walking on the ramp for terribly noted designer Rehana Saigol. She did okay as a model and different noted designers,reached dead set her for being a neighborhood of their brands.Aamina Sheikh chief then worked with Maria B, Deepak Perwani, Nomi Ansari, Amir Adnan, Niche mode , Khaadi, The Men’s store, Teejays, Hang Ten, Maheen Khan, Chinyere, Crossroads and edition. once doing considerable work with of these brands and designers she was right high of the list of Pakistan Fashion Models.

Aamina Sheikh chief did a whole ikon shoot with Atif Aslam for one amongst the most effective whole Niche mode in 2009. within the same year she got elect for lx vogue Awards and got the award for “Best rising Talent”. In 2010 she got 2 awards specifically “Best model- Female” in lx vogue Awards and “Face of the year award” from Sunday Daily Times. In 2011 she was awarded as “Best actor feminine (satellite)” in lx vogue Awards.

In 2010 Aamina Sheikh chief started operating for industrial Pakistani dramas. She did her 1st drama named “Ishq Gumshuda” a drama by Haissam Hussain; and second drama “Daam” a drama by Mehreen Jabbar.Other drama comes that she worked on embody Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Maat, Umme-Kalsoom, Uraan, Hum Tum, Kuch Japanese deity Si Hai, Mera Saaein, Mera Saaein two, Mora Piya, Ek Hateeli alphabetic character Heena Ek Hateeli alphabetic character Lahoo, Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat, Qisson Ki chaadar, Boltay Afsanay, Haal-e-Dil, Tere Liye, Saleena, Dil-e-Nadaan, Agar breadbasket metallic element Hotay and plenty of a lot of.

Aamina Sheikh chief recently did modeling for large name Maria B. Her future plans embody partnership with singer Zeb aniya for a Pakistani whole “Always”. she's going to act as a female hygiene figure for the new launch of company “Always Karo Yaqeen” platform.


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