A big unhappy news for Aiza Khan fans, she has left showbiz business for his love Danish Taimoor. Currently you may ne'er see Aiza on tv in any side. Few days past she has engaged during a relation of wedding along with his love Danish.I'm about to publish their nikkah footage below. This nikkah was command three days past.I believe the date was eighth of August. Aiza khan did sacrifice for his love wedding. She same that Danish has no drawback together with her work however the as a result of some family reasons of her husband’s family she cannot continue his acting career. within the she ought to have to be compelled to opt for acting career or her love. and he or she chooses her love, at the moment Danish was terribly happy to grasp that she has found a married woman who loves him abundantly.

Aiza Khan’s Nikkah Pics and Why She Is deed Showbiz?

Aiza Khan is most popular in pakistan. Currently however will we have a tendency to image a drama serial while not Aiza Khan?Yes friends you detected right, Aiza is deed this fashion and acting business once her nikah with Danish. you recognize Danish and Aiza ar cousins and that they engaged a year past. however Danish’s family wish their “Bahu” (Aiza) to become a standard wife. They didn't like that their women work outside their home.They raise her to go away showbiz in 2013 on the other hand Aiza Khan wasn't able to do that. so she solely in agreement for engagement with Danish Taimoor. Their nikkah ceremony was happened alright and Aiza was trying terribly stunning on her wedding. you'll see her latest wedding and nikkah pics of Aiza Khan in our gallery below. If you found any issue then please let me understand.


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